Our So Called Values – the nature and nuances of accountability

Why would you want to be held accountable if you could avoid it? Why would you intentionally set yourself up to be publicly hanged if you had other options? On

Our So-Called Values Part 2 – What is accountability and how do you establish it?

The lack of measurable accountability might be the single most significant reason why organizations fail to live their stated values. When there is no, or inconsistent accountability, living your values

Our So-Called Values Part 1 – Why they fail us and what to do about it

Your values are your beliefs, defined by how you consistently live them. They are inherently neither good nor bad, just genuine. For example, your values might center around greed, money

Our So Called Values – Situational Values

Situational values are not values – they are strategies. Here’s a good example: “Ethics: We strive to be recognized by our stakeholders as setting the standard among the world’s great

Cyber Crime, Cyber Security – and YOU

Cybercrime is technological climate change. It is not a problem to be solved; it is a situation to be managed. Becoming cyber secure requires cultural adaptability – only the CEO

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