Why Adaptability Is Essential – VUCA is the New Normal

How will you learn to adapt in a new pandemic? It’s not COVID 19. It is a pandemic of continuous, disruptive change – and it’s already here.  VUCA, an acronym

Accountability – how to make it real, part 2

In my last blog, I discussed “choosing the right values.”I discussed the elements of your business that form the foundation for adopting values that will best serve you. In other words,

Accountability – how to make it real

For most of us, from early childhood, being accountable was associated with being punished for doing the wrong thing – if and when we were caught. As adults, we still

Accountability – without it your values are toothless

Why does accountability matter? Because done right, it yields greater profits. Here’s an example of how that works. Accountability – or the lack of it – is getting a lot

Nuance Matters – how to damage your Brand in one easy lesson

Trust collapses when checking boxes replaces human interaction. The conversation IS the relationship. “You can’t stay here. You have to leave.” The desk clerk was supposedly trained – but she

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