Axíes is the Greek word meaning values. We know from experience, and believe in our hearts, that all organizations and individuals operate on a foundation of their true values, defined by their consistent actions. The values you live shape who you are and serve to create the results you achieve – intended or otherwise.


Your values do more than guide your behavior. Your values, whatever they might be, create an energy of connection. They serve as your antenna; continuously searching for and attracting other people whose values are aligned with yours. It happens at a subconscious level. Your job is to maintain a conscious state of awareness, so when the subconscious attraction brings someone or something into reach, you are able to recognize it and take advantage of it. It’s not magic; it’s just the way the universe works.


Axíes Group is built on Jason’s and Bill’s combined 60 years of experience, both as CEO’s and consultants. As consultants, they have advised companies ranging in size from Fortune 500’s to mid-size to start-ups. Their work encompasses strategic planning, values-driven leadership, understanding and aligning cultures with strategies and greater purpose, maintaining relevance in an ever-changing world, learning to transform dysfunction into high performing teams and organizations, helping leaders understand and create organic Balance. That organic Balance element served as the foundation for the unique Axíes Group Balanced Organization model and methodology. It adds a profoundly effective 3rd dimension of leading to the quantitative metrics of performance and raises the bar of personal and collective achievement to unimagined levels.


Our methodology will enable you to accurately put a “You Are Here” dot on your company’s current reality map. You’ll be able to compare your current reality to the structure and strengths of what we’ve identified as The Balanced Organization. Achieving that state of Balance will enable you to achieve goals and reach heights that are otherwise unattainable.

That “You Are Here” place provides us with the basis for rich dialog and strategic thinking. In addition to illuminating the gap between where you want to be, it will give you better clarity and focus that will, in turn, enable to use your time and allocate your resources most productively.

Next, we collaboratively (you and us) develop a custom game plan – designed just for you and your company – to address the elements that you deem most important, to focus on your priorities, and to achieve your goals. Our approach does not require an all-or-nothing endeavor. We provide the elements. You determine the scope.

As you unleash the principles and execute the elements, the magic happens. You and your organization are changed in ways you didn’t imagine.

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Lets have a conversation

It begins with a conversation – between you and us. One of the attributes of great leaders is a constant curiosity – about many things. We think that this should be one of them. Let’s have that conversation.


Axíes Group

These are our values. They are our non-negotiable beliefs – the beliefs that drive our behavior with our clients, each other and everyone else with whom we interact. They represent what we hold ourselves accountable for living; and they are what you can expect and demand from us. If you don’t think we’re living them in our interactions with you – we want you to tell us. That’s the best way we can continuously strengthen our relationship with you.

We will always be the best version of the real us.
We don’t get stuck in outmoded, counterproductive habits and traditions because they are comfortable. We relentlessly search for what’s needed to make our clients and ourselves relevant and valuable. The past does not divinely mandate the future. And relevance is the fountain of youth – for people and for organizations. We will stay forever young.
We keep our commitments. And we do the right thing – it’s not always the easy thing, or the popular thing, or the politically correct thing. But we know that there is always a voice within us that knows the right thing. We listen to that voice. And we act on it.
We treat people like people. People are not objects to be manipulated, or looked down on. To disrespect others is to deny them their dignity. We won’t do that.
We believe that your trust is not a given. We must earn it – by our deeds, not by our words. So we don’t ask for your trust. We ask for the opportunity to earn it.
Delivering great brand experiences
Our Brand is a widely held set of beliefs and expectations about what we deliver and how we deliver it, validated by the experiences of everyone with whom we interact. Every interaction conveys an experience. Every experience is a Brand experience. We will always do everything in our power to make each one a great one.
Our greater purpose
We will always work to make the world a better place – one interaction at a time. For us, it’s the path to fulfillment and it’s the legacy most worth having.


Over 60 Years Combined Experience


Managing Partner
Bill Leider is a Managing Partner at Axies Group, a consulting firm that has developed a unique, highly effective performance model called The Balanced Organization. It is designed to change lives, increase wealth and bring into being a new kind, high performance transformational leadership.

Bill has an extensive background in executive leadership and management consulting, primarily in the areas of strategy (development and execution), values-driven leadership, developing high performance teams, and cultural adaptation - to a wide range of organizations, from Fortune 500’s to startups, in a variety of industries.

Over more than thirty-five years he has held positions in industry as CEO, President, Executive Vice President and Vice President, Finance in publicly traded and privately owned companies. He has had executive leadership roles in general management, marketing, sales, franchising, manufacturing, distribution and finance. He has consistently helped improve the bottom lines of the organizations for which he has worked.

Some of his larger consulting clients have included: Toshiba, Oracle, Thermador, Vertis, KPMG Peat Marwick, Deloitte, Paramount Pictures and MGM.

Bill has developed an innovative approach to executable strategic planning, assessing and strengthening Brands (which gave rise to his book, “Brand Delusions”), published in 2014.

He also currently lectures on values-driven leadership in the Sol Price School of Public Policy at the University Of Southern California (USC). His ability to connect issues in the private sector to the challenges and opportunities in the public sector have made his insights invaluable in helping to improve public trust in public sector organizations.

Bill received his BS degree in business from UCLA.
He has served on the Board of the L. A. chapter of the Entrepreneurship Institute; he has taught the Business Planning course in the Fast Trac program at the University of Southern California (USC).

He is married to Arlene (aka Wonder Woman); and parent to Pippa (our Springer/Doodle). For sanity and fitness, he works out at the gym and plays tennis.


Managing Partner
For over 25 years, Jason Thompson’s purpose has been that of a catalyst for growth, both personally and professionally, advising executives, teams and organizations to reach their full potential, transforming the way they see themselves, their organizations and those they serve in all aspects of their lives – work, community, and home.

As a Managing Partner for Axíes Group, Jason provides a unique perspective drawn from both his years as a senior level corporate executive for both private and public companies, and as a consultant, advising companies in the areas of strategy, culture and execution from Fortune 500, Mid-market and Start-ups across many industries throughout the US (Non-Profit, Financial Services, Automotive, Wholesale, Retail, Distribution, IT). Both he and his business partner Bill Leider, with a combined 60 years of experience, bring to the market their unique and powerfully effective model, the Balanced Organization. It is designed to change lives, increase wealth and bring into being a new kind of transformational leadership.

Jason also chairs a CEO peer advisory board along the Wasatch Front for high growth companies with annual revenue from $5M-$250M.

He gives back to his community by serving, recently elected as President of the Board for Your Community Connection (YCC), the second largest shelter in the state of Utah providing life saving services for individuals victimized by domestic violence, and or sexual abuse. He has also served in various capacities for local chambers, leagues and youth organizations throughout his career.

He holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Jason and his wife Dixie have raised five beautiful and multi-talented daughters. They enjoy spending as much time as they can, creating fun memories with family; whether they’re playing games, traveling, sports or just hanging out.