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Our analysis determines how your company compares to a highly functioning Balanced Organization. We make that comparison based on how well your company is aligned and integrated with the 6 elements of a Balanced Organization: Vision; Values; Values-driven Leadership; Culture; Strategies; and Your Greater Purpose.

The value of this assessment will enable you to better optimize your current performance, and make it more aligned with what you can most cost-effectively achieve. You will perform more effectively and profitably – even if you choose to do nothing more. You will also be better able to judge how doing nothing might affect your future vis-à-vis any disruptive changes or competitive pressures you could encounter.


We conduct a series of one-on-one and group interviews and meaningful conversations with you, your key leaders (most often your direct reports), the thought leaders and the de facto influencers in your company, regardless of their title or place in the pecking order, and a few other people whose jobs have a significant impact on the conduct of your business.

Analyze Documentation

We analyze key corporate documents, such as: strategic plans and initiatives; financial statements; and key policies and procedures to name a few.

Leadership Assessment

We conduct a team-centered leadership assessment, firmly rooted in behavior science, drawn from decades of research and on-site practice studying resilient leaders and teams at all stages of development.



Provides a picture of the current state of your organization in relation to that of a Balanced Organization.


Our findings most often create a significant paradigm shift in the way you view your organizational effectiveness, providing the needed insight and clarity to address the disparities between a high-performing Balanced Organization and your current level, allowing you to:

  • Understand where and how your performance can be enhanced and your results can be improved – how you progress from good to great.
  • See how and where your current level of performance is creating unnecessary costs and making it impossible for you to achieve more ambitions objectives.
  • Create a roadmap for developing a higher performing team; establishing and achieving more ambitions, and perhaps unimagined goals; and growing more ambitiously and profitably.


You determine the level of engagement, ranging from doing nothing, based on your assessment that no immediate action is required, or they can involve a number of initiatives to address strengthening one or more areas needing improvement.

The actions can be intensive and wide-ranging, or they can be more modest and staged over time, with progress assessments at appropriate milestone results along the way.

We do NOT have a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. While the elements of Balanced are universal, the actions taken are unique to the specific needs and goals of each client. We will collaboratively determine the next course of action; develop a plan, a budget, and a time frame for execution.


Our methodology requires your active participation. Our objective is to become unnecessary in the ongoing growth and success of your organization. We do more than give you information and ideas. We provide you with the awareness, the skills, and the practice regimens to effectively learn and apply those skills.