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The first step in the process is designed to discover how your company compares to a highly functioning Balanced Organization. We’ll make that comparison by performing an assessment that measures how well your company is aligned and integrated with the 6 elements of Balance: Vision; Values; Values-driven Leadership; Culture; Strategies; and your Greater Purpose.

The insights you’ll gain, just from the assessment alone, will enable you to better optimize your current performance. You’ll see how and where you can tweak your current practices to achieve meaningful improvements in your performance and profitably. You will also be better able to judge how you might fare in the face of future disruptive opportunities and challenges if your current leadership style, culture and strategies remain unchanged.


We will have a discussion with you to get a sense of what you see as the opportunities and challenges you are experiencing. You will decide who in your organization should participate in our on-line assessment. It would normally be your direct reports, the thought leaders and the de facto influencers in your company.

Organization Assessment

You and the people chosen to participate will complete the confidential, on-line assessment. It takes about an hour to complete. Each person responds anonymously. No one’s answers are directly shared with others.

Our assessment is grounded in over 35 years of leadership experience, behavioral psychology, neuroscience, and hands-on doing. The assessment does not “grade” you as good vs. bad, or right vs. wrong. We look only at your performance compared to your potential.

We will provide you with a comprehensive report that compares your results to that of the highest performers in each category. You will see where your opportunities for improved performance lie; what specific steps you can take to achieve those improvements; how those steps explicitly relate to enhanced growth and profitability; and what kinds of resources and level of commitment you’ll need to address the opportunities.



Provides a picture of the current state of your organization in relation to that of a Balanced Organization.


We will meet with you (in person, or via video conference, or conference call) to discuss, in depth, the findings of the assessment, and how you envision acting on those findings.

You will gain an enlightened view and perspective of the how your organization functions within the context of total BALANCE.

  • You will discover where you might have blind spots in certain areas that have held you back – but you didn’t know why – until now.
  • You will get a better sense of how untapped potential in some areas created some level of dysfunction in other areas of your operations, and how those dysfunctions created additional and preventable costs, or contributed to you not achieving your goals (or both).


  • You will have a much-improved sense of where to invest your resources (human and financial) in developing your team, strengthening your leadership, and getting the optimum return on your investment going forward.


You determine how you want to proceed, ranging from doing nothing, based on your assessment that no immediate action is required, or you can launch a number of initiatives to address strengthening one or more areas to better realize your potential.

The actions can be intensive and broad, or they can be more modest and staged over time, with progress assessments at appropriate milestone results along the way.

We do NOT have a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. While the elements of Balance are universal, the actions you can take are unique to your specific needs and goals.  We will collaboratively determine the next course of action; develop a plan, a budget, and a time frame for execution.


Our methodology requires your active participation. We do more than give you information and ideas. We provide you with the awareness, the skills, and the practice regimens to effectively learn and apply those skills.